Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions
For Commissions, a 50% booking fee is needed, to pay for materials and is non refundable
full payment required before posting
A Work in progress photo is not sent unless requested, due to the "ugly stage" in a portrait (all portraits have an ugly stage which would scare the bejesus outta ya ) but....
commissions will not be posted unless the client is happy with result
a watermarked result will be sent before full payment is requested
Amendments are done before posting, not after.
Confirmation is required before postage
All commissions are sent via postage tracking
Extreme care is taken when packaging to avoid any problems upon arrival
Returns are accepted for damage when posting only, NOT for change of mind
Refunds will be given upon return
Returns need to be returned within 7 days
Under no circumstances can a commissions be duplicated before or after return
Commissions are copyright of @catcud.ie (this means no prints to be made of original)
Commission portraits can be used for advertising purposes only
No Cards or Prints will be used from commissions
Photo references will be used for portrait purposes only
Honest feedback pls