Brionglóid (Irish for " A Dream")

This realistic pastel painting captures the pure innocence and serenity of a sleeping baby. With delicate strokes and a soft color palette, the artist has brought the delicate features of the baby to life on the canvas. The peaceful expression on the baby's face is a testament to the trust and comfort it feels in the world around it. The subtle shading and nuanced blending of the pastel medium adds depth and texture to the painting, creating a lifelike quality that draws the viewer in. The overall effect is a tender and intimate portrait of a precious moment of rest and tranquility in the life of a child.

30 x 40cm Pastel Portrait on pastelmat

Boy Blue

This realistic pastel painting titled 'Boy Blue' captures the intense emotions of a distressed baby. The artist has used muted shades of blues and grays to create a melancholic and somber mood. The baby's tear-stained face and downturned lips, along with the furrowed brow, convey a deep sense of sadness and frustration. While the hands and eyes of the baby are not visible in the painting, the expression and body language of the baby are enough to convey its distress. The use of pastels adds a softness and texture to the painting, highlighting the delicate features of the baby's face. The overall effect is a poignant and emotional portrait of the raw emotions and vulnerability of a baby, inviting the viewer to connect with and empathize with the subject. The title of the painting, 'Boy Blue', adds another layer of meaning, hinting at the traditional association of the color blue with sadness and sorrow.

30 x 40cm pastel painting
professionally mounted and framed in a lovely light brown wood

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