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Dive into a realm where brushstrokes breathe life into cherished memories. Award-winning artist Catherina, invites you to experience the magic of hand-drawn portraits—a unique journey capturing the spirit of your beloved companions. With a skillful touch and an eye for detail, every stroke tells a tale of love, loyalty, and the timeless bond between pets and their owners. Discover the artistry that turns moments into masterpieces, creating lasting memories that grace your walls with the beauty of whiskers and elegance. Welcome to a canvas where your pet’s story is transformed into a work of art, forever etched in the heart of your home.

Portrait Process

I create my portraits using professional, lightfast pastels, colored pencils, acrylics, or oils on archival acid-free paper. To secure your portrait spot, I request a 25% booking fee, with the full balance payable upon completion.

Here are the steps to place an order:

  1. Initiate contact through the contact button or info@pet-portraits.ie
  2. Submit high-quality photographs via email, as the quality of the images is crucial to the final result.
  3. Select photos that closely match your companion's nature and coloring.
  4. Share multiple photos to ensure there are enough details to work with.
  5. Consider the background, as I can blend backgrounds from different photos to match the desired result.
  6. Once we agree on the photo reference, pricing, and the deadline, you can make a deposit via PayPal to secure your spot.
  7. I will provide an estimated time for the first update at this stage. lead time is typically 2 weeks but depends on which medium you choose.
  8. The first update typically occurs toward the end of the process and this is for minor changes.
  9. When both parties are satisfied with the final result, I will send a final PayPal invoice.
  10. After the final invoice is paid, your portrait will be prepared for shipping, usually via registered post.
  11. You will receive care instructions along with your portrait, so please read them carefully.
  12. I always recommend your portrait to be framed by a professional framer. My local framer is https://360-dpi.com/ based in Rathnew, Co Wicklow

Enjoy your unique portrait!


Firstly Choose the price range or medium that suits you best (see below for more info)

Reference Photo Guide

How multiple reference photos can work together for a single portrait

A good reference photo can make all the difference to a portrait,

so here are some tips on how to take reference photos


Professional framing is always recommended. If this is needed with your portrait please allow another 2 weeks onto dealine and can average from 60 to 100 euro extra

Choose a medium

Pastel or Coloured Pencil

lightfast professional pastel or coloured pencil and pan pastel on 360g pastelmat card or 250g Bristol (unmounted & unframed)

With professional materials Pastels will last an incredibly long time with proper care. They are actually superior to oils in that they will not crack or darken over time and every bit as permanent. The pastels of Degas and Cassatt were created back in the 1800's and still just as beautiful as the day they were completed.
Professional Coloured Pencil will last an incredibly long time with proper care. They are actually superior to oils in that they will not crack or darken over time and every bit as permanent.

Acrylic Paint

Windsor and Newton professional Acrylic paints on box canvas or canvas board ( unmounted & unframed)

    Acrylic Paint
    Original art is an investment not only valued monetarily. Your painting will be appreciated by future generations, not just by those who view it today. Acrylic paintings are expected to have a longer life span than oil paintings, and are considered more resistant to aging. That is, they develop cracks less often than oil paintings and are more resistant to pressure..

Oil Paint

Windsor and Newton professional Oil paints on box canvas or canvas board. ( unmounted & unframed)

NB: Please allow a couple of months drying time for oil paints

    Oil Paint
    Investing in original artwork transcends monetary value, providing a legacy to be treasured by future generations. Oil paintings carry a classic, enduring quality that is revered in the art world. The rich textures and deep coloration achievable with oil paints have stood the test of time, gracing galleries and homes alike with their timeless beauty. While oil paints may require careful preservation, they are celebrated for their durability and the way they maintain their vibrancy and depth for decades

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