Predator's Gaze


This striking painting depicts the power and grace of one of the ocean's most feared and misunderstood creatures, the shark. The artist has captured the sleek and streamlined form of the shark with bold, dynamic brushstrokes, emphasizing its muscular strength and predatory agility. The painting is dominated by shades of blue, with highlights of white and gray creating a sense of depth and movement in the water. The shark's sharp teeth are visible as it swims towards the viewer, creating a sense of tension and danger. Despite the fearsome nature of the subject, there is a sense of awe and reverence in the way the artist has portrayed the shark, highlighting its beauty and majesty. This painting is a reminder of the power and mystery of the ocean, and of the delicate balance that exists between humans and the natural world  
  • 60x50cm
  • Framed Acrylic painting on canvas board (no glass)
  • Limited of 50 Prints available. Signed and numbered