Whiskered Reverie


 "Whiskered Reverie" is a captivating pastel painting that captures the essence of feline relaxation. This artwork portrays a serene scene where a content cat is lost in the depths of slumber. The artist's skillful use of pastels creates a soft and ethereal atmosphere, allowing the viewer to almost feel the delicate texture of the cat's fur. With eyes gently closed and a leg gracefully lifted in the air, the cat's state of peaceful repose is beautifully depicted. The absence of visual details beyond the sleeping cat draws the viewer's focus solely onto the entrancing creature, inviting them to share in the intimate moment of the cat's rest. "Whiskered Reverie" is a tribute to the beauty of simplicity and the profound serenity found in the quiet moments of a cat's life.

27 x 27cm pastel on pastelmat
mounted, unframed
Photo ref with thanks to photographer:  Carmen Jems