Whispers of the Glen


"Whispers of the Glen" is an evocative oil painting that invites viewers into the quietude of the Irish countryside. This tender portrait of a sheep, with its textured wool and soulful gaze, is rendered with a palette of soft grays and warm whites, suggesting the gentle mists of a dew-laden morning. The sheep's visage is captured with lifelike precision, its eyes reflecting a deep, sentient calm. Set against a moody, impressionistic background that fades into the mists of emerald and slate, the piece conveys the silent stories and pastoral beauty of Ireland's natural landscapes. It's a tribute to the peaceful coexistence of wildlife within these hallowed terrains and showcases the artist's deft ability to bring the essence of animal spirit onto canvas.

  • 40 x 40cm oil painting on box canvas 
  • Photo ref with thanks to photographer: Ele Watts
  • €480.00